Refund policy

As Digital Playbook is a Digital Product, as soon as you purchase you have access to all the content available on the platform. Therefore, you hereby acknowledge that your purchase cannot be cancelled and that Mike Thurston Online FZE LLC (the Seller) is not obliged to provide you with a refund.
Refunds for the Product shall only be given in line with our terms & conditions:

Cancelling Split Payments:
Evidence to support the above, must be provided with clear indication as to dates, overall sales data and genuine effort on your part to apply actions from the course. The evidence will be reviewed by the Seller who will make the ultimate decision as to your eligibility for a refund.

Change of Mind & Early Termination:
Even if you made an accidental purchase, changed your mind, or realised that there are legitimate reasons why the Product is not suitable for you, we will not be able to refund you. 

Technical Issues:
The Product may be likely to present technical issues which relate to your device and operating software, or other applications you have installed which can interfere with the Product’s performance. Issues of this nature are not necessarily the result of an oversight during the Product’s development and may therefore often be out of the Seller’s control. Nonetheless, the Seller shall always strive to rectify these issues in a timely manner to ensure the Product’s optimum performance for all customers. If the Seller is actively trying to resolve these technical issues, and these issues are not detrimental to your overall access and usage of the Product, experiencing them will not constitute grounds for a refund.